Little Molls

Sadly I have to tell you that Molly, aka, Little Molls, aka, La Molita, passed away last week. 

I felt like I should write about it because she and Toby are regulars on this blog, but I've also put it off. She was an old dog - my parents got her while I was a senior at Interlochen -  but it was still a shock that she was fine the weekend of the marathon and gone a few days later. Apparently her spine was deteriorating without us knowing it. She certainly didn't let on until the very end. 

Suddenly I feel like I have a completely inadequate amount of photos of her. 

She was a lucky girl to have been rescued by my parents. They treated her like royalty. Every dog should be so lucky, and in return, Molly was always so sweet. And she was lucky at the end not to have suffered for more than a couple of days, if that. But I know we're all sad to lose her and we'll miss her so much. I'm glad she got to meet Bo, but I'll be sad to be without all three dogs this Christmas. In fact, I don't think it will fully sink in until we visit for Christmas.
I'm also glad she got to meet so many of my friends and family over the years, especially at the wedding. She loved walking with my dad at IU and chasing squirrels on the President's lawn.

She and Toby weren't exactly best friends, but I know it's an adjustment for him, too, being the only dog. He'll mark her absence in his own way, I'm sure. 

It's hard to imagine ever meeting another dog as sweet and as easily loving as Molly. She was so good.

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  1. Sorry to hear of your loss. :( She's up in puppy heaven now.